KARACHI, Feb 08 (APP):Philippine Queen of Power-Mandano, Sultana Bae A. Gaus Maria Amor on Saturday invited Pakistan’s business community to come up with business projects as joint ventures with Philippine investors and that these should be aimed at supporting humanity instead of making big profits.

The Queen is on a three-day visit to Karachi to find partners and support to her philanthropic projects and for environment friendly energy generation programme using solid waste as a fuel. She will fly back to her country on Sunday.

She has also met City Nazim Waseem Akhtar to discuss various CDGK projects, besides visiting different areas of the city.

Speaking to businesspersons here at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Philippine Queen said,” through various philanthropic-cum-business initiatives, we want to support the poor population. We want to provide respectable livelihood to them.”
She was also accompanied by Economic Diplomatic Coordinator at Philippine Consulate in Karachi, Ms. Digna A. Khan (Sarah).

She briefed about the Environment Protection Programme stated and pursued by her titled “RDF for Clean Environment” and its achievements in Philippine and outside world. Under RDF, solid waste is collected, recycled and energy generated which very much environment friendly. This mode of energy generation was capable enough to replace coal-fired power generation that had proved very damaging to environment.

“Coal is the biggest contributor of carbon into the air,” she remarked adding that governments and social organizations were fighting against different issues/concerns to humanity. But, she continued that all these efforts would prove futile if our planet was
not clean and safe from pollution.

Energy production from Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) involves collection and shredding, and is sent to a magnetic separator, where ferrous materials are cleaned and separated. The energy generated from this waste is used for the good of the humanity, she said.

“Taking care of the planet is not negotiable. And, it is duty if every citizen and every organization,” she asserted.

She said the main purpose of her visit here was to establish her organization’s network in Pakistan; being named as Pakistan Chapter. But, she said, permission and sovereign guarantee from Pakistan Government was required to start work.

“You give sovereign guarantee, I will bring investment,” she assured.

Under this project, besides selling energy generated from solid waste, technology will also be transferred. The project is free of cost, she said.

“First, our product is available. Then, we will learn what your country needs,” she said.
There was a need to educate the people about the RDF. This energy stuff is to be used within three months period. RDF would be supplied from Philippine free of cost and but nominal shipping charges of three dollars per metric ton.

The queen said Philippine government and private sector were interested to invest also in education and health in Pakistan.

“We are ready to open schools and universities here if land is provided and sovereign guarantee is given,” she said adding that we also want to set up a blood bank and possibly a DNA bank in Pakistan.

She said there could be partnership/cooperation in philanthropic projects, education and promoting each other’s culture, and extend all kind of to each other for the betterment of humanity.

Earlier, FPCCI Vice Presidents Zubair Baweja and Sheikh Sultan Rehman briefed Queen about the role of FPCCI, which is the apex trade body.