Pasha for legislation to strengthen women participation in labour force

Pasha for legislation to strengthen women participation in labour force

ISLAMABAD, Sep 14 (APP):State Minister for Finance and Revenue, Aisha Ghaus Pasha here on Wednesday highlighted the importance of developing a legal framework and creating enabling environment to encourage women strengthen their participation in labour force.

Speaking at the “Regional Seminar for the Asia Pacific Region Parliaments on Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” the minister said no country could move forward unless women contribute in economic development.

However, she deplored that there were many countries where wage discrimination existed on the basis of gender and highlight the importance of proper legislation to protect rights of women

“We have to come up with right kind of legislation so that these kinds of discriminations are done away with or declared illegal and cannot be practiced,” she remarked.

She said, setting the legal framework was just one step on the ladder, adding that creating the environment which will motivate women to come and participate in the labour force is the second important step.

“You have to make them feel safe while participating in the labour force and working,” she added.

She said, women participation can enhance country’s income by 25% adding the women in leadership can play a pivotal role in country’s development and prosperity.

The minister said that although at this point of time Pakistan might not be very high up in the gender development index or the gender equality index internationally. However, the trend of women participation in labour was on the up and Pakistani women had been coming into territories which traditionally were men-dominated.

She said, Pakistani women could be seen as pilots, economists, doctors and teachers, even politicians and parliamentarians, which is encouraging.

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