Pakistan-Japan discussed investment opportunities in different sectors
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ISLAMABAD, Dec 04 (APP): Pakistan and Japan on Friday discussed different avenues of cooperation to explore the key areas of economic cooperation and investment opportunities available in different sectors in Pakistan.

The Ambassador of Japan, Kuninori Matsuda visited Board of Investment and met with Minister of State/Chairman, Board of Investment (BOI), Atif R .Bokhari to discuss the different investment opportunities in different sectors including Water supply Management, transport, Circular Railway, fisheries, Auto sector, Textile, Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) ,Agriculture and Food processing sectors, said a press release issued by BOI here.
The Chairman highlighted the investment potential and opportunities available for Japanese investors / companies in Pakistan.

The Chairman BOI suggested that Japan may like to be involved in the Karachi Redevelopment Plan.

In this regard, he said that upgrading the existing system of Water supply Management, improving transport amenities like Karachi Circular Railway, Kemari to Pipri rail line are opportune for investment.

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The Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda stated that they are already looking into development of the Water Supply System of Faisalabad and may consider it in Karachi as well.

About Pakistan’s Fisheries sector, the Japanese ambassador stated that his government and private sectors would be urged to invest in the fisheries industry of Pakistan.

He said that they are already working on fisheries projects like the Korangi fish harbor project.

The ambassador conveyed the intention of further expanding the Japanese Auto-Industry and Textile Industry investments in the country.

The Chairman BOI stated that Japanese auto Industry Standardization in Pakistan may be brought up to the next level.

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During the meeting, Pharmaceutical Sector was also discussed and the Chairman noted that currently Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) are mainly imported from India and China, however, Japanese pharma companies could cooperate with Pakistani counterparts in development of active pharmaceutical ingredients for medicines.

Japanese Ambassador also showed interest in the Agriculture and Food processing sectors.
He highlighted Pakistani agriculture items like Mangoes, basmati rice and dates are already being exported to Japan, however due to great travel distance, processing standards of these products can be improved.

The Ambassador apprised that the city of Osaka is a center of business clusters and small/medium industry in Japan, however, a commercial consulate/government liaison body from Pakistan is not available there.