Malik Iftkhar urges people to buy ‘Made in Pakistan’ products

Malik Iftkhar urges people to buy 'Made in Pakistan' products
LAHORE, Jan 21 (APP): SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s former president Iftikhar Ali Malik has urged the people to buy ‘Made in Pakistan’ products to promote the local market that will curtail the import bill and keep the foreign reserves in good shape.
Talking to a traders delegation led by Muslim Khan Buneri here Sunday, he added that economically, prioritizing locally made products bolsters the country’s industries, generates employment opportunities and increases economic growth. “When people choose Pakistani goods over imported ones, it strengthens the domestic market contributing to a more robust and self-reliant economy. It also leads to a positive cycle of increased investment, innovation and competitiveness,” he argued.
Iftikhar Ali Malik suggested enhanced collaboration between public and private sector to make this initiative successful. He added that government must formulate  policies which support local industries, while businessmen must ensure the quality and competitiveness of their products, that align with the ethos of ‘Made in Pakistan, Buy Pakistani, Be Pakistani.’ He said it symbolizes a collective effort to build a stronger, more self-reliant and culturally rich Pakistan. Embracing this slogan can contribute to a thriving economy.
Iftikhar Ali Malik said “Be Pakistani” encourages a shared responsibility for the country’s well-being, and also promotes a sense of unity and collective pride, transcending regional, linguistic and ethnic differences. He asserted, “Choosing products made within the borders reflects a commitment to the nation’s progress, sending a powerful message about solidarity and patriotism to the world.”
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