Exports up by 32.49 per cent to Rs.494.7 billion in July

Pakistan's exports to China up nearly 6% in Jan-May

ISLAMABAD, Aug 18 (APP):The exports from the country in rupee term witnessed an increase of 32.49 per cent during the first month of current fiscal year (2022-23) as compared to the corresponding month of last year, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.

The exports during July 2022 were recorded at Rs. Rs.494,720 million as against the exports of Rs.373,412 million in July 2021, showing an increase of 32.49 per cent, according to provisional data released by PBS.

On month-on-month basis, the exports from the country however declined by 17.05 percent when compared to the exports of Rs. 596,433 million in June, 2022.

The main commodities of exports during July, 2022 were knitwear (Rs. 95,439 million), readymade garments (Rs. 66,835 million), bed wear (Rs. 55,735 million), cotton cloth (Rs.39,934 million), rice others (Rs.20,414 million), towels (Rs.16,450 million), cotton yarn (Rs.15,660 million), madeup articles, excluding towels & Bedwear (Rs.12,008 million), rice Basmati (Rs.9,996 million) and vegetables (Rs.9,661 million).

On the other hand, the Imports into the country during July, 2022 amounted to Rs.1,095,730 million as against Rs.1,610,327 million in June, 2022 and Rs. 889,782 million during July, 2021 showing a decrease of 31.96 percent over June, 2021 but an increase of 23.15 percent over July, 2021.

The main commodities of imports during July, 2022 were petroleum products (Rs. 159,768 million), petroleum crude (Rs.94,600 million), palm oil (Rs. 65,691 million), electrical machinery & apparatus (Rs.53,306 million), plastic materials (Rs. 53,061 million), Natural Gas Liquified (Rs. 50,585 million), iron & steel (Rs.43,198 million), wheat unmilled (Rs.23,511 million), raw cotton (Rs.23,339 million) and iron & steel scrap (Rs.22,636 million).

By Muhammad Ashraf Wani

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