Exhibition being held to enhance mutual trade between Iran and Pakistan

Exhibition being held to enhance mutual trade between Iran and Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Aug 25 (APP): A three-day long exhibition to enhance cooperation for mutual trade and investment between Iran and Pakistan being held here in Islamabad will conclude tomorrow.

‘Pakistan-Iran Trade Exhibition’, organized under the auspices of the Embassy of Iran in Islamabad with the support of Iran National Innovation Fund and Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Iran, began on August 24 at Pak-China Friendship Centre.

The Iranian business groups worth $ 800 million including traders and 33 companies arrived in Pakistan from Iran to participate in the ‘Pak-Iran Trade Exhibition’.

These companies and business groups are related to various commercial sectors. Around 33 Iranian companies including 22 traditional businesses and 11 knowledge based companies specializing in science and technology and innovation, telecoms, dairy and food industry, kitchen wares, carpet, iron industry and textile industry, participated in the exhibition.

The owners of Iranian companies participating in the exhibition were of the view that the ‘Pakistan-Iran Trade Exhibition’ would help in bringing the business community of both countries closer and promoting mutual investment. They said that Pakistan and Iran both were located at geo-strategic positions and this could facilitate the development of regional trade and the achievement of geo-economic goals by the countries of the region.

Talking to APP, Mohsen Barekatin, Managing Director of Mongolia Flavor and Fragrance, a knowledge based business group from Iran, said that “Our company is working on new tastes and flavors in food.”

He said that his company was worth $ 300 million dollar, which was considered the largest company in the Middle East working in this sector. He said that their company was introducing new innovations and techniques in this sector.

The organizer of the exhibition, Chairman and Board CEO of Milad- E- Noor Group, Ali Mohtasham Amiri said that the purpose of this trade exhibition was to bring the business community of the two countries closer and increase opportunities for mutual trade. He said that the exhibition offered an opportunity to develop communication and coordination between the businessmen of the two countries.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan, Seyed Mohammad Ali Hossein said that it was important for the business communities of both countries to come closer to promote mutual trade between Iran and Pakistan. The Ambassador said that the purpose of the Pakistan-Iran trade exhibition was to increase cooperation in the fields of trade, industry and investment in both countries.

Ambassador Mohammad Ali Hosseini said that recently Pakistan Iran Joint Economic Commission (JEC) talks were held in Pakistan and Iran to promote mutual trade between the two countries. Its aim was to increase the volume of trade between the two countries.
He said that after these negotiations, agreements were also signed between the two countries in four different fields.

Iran’s Minister for Corporate, Labor and Social Welfare Mehdi Maskani said that this was the first event held after the Pakistan Iran Joint Economic Commission (JEC) meeting.
He said that for the prosperity of both the nations, they have to come closer to each other in different sectors of the economy. He said that both countries had extensive ties in bilateral and transit trade.

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