Updated NCC Policy implementation gains landmark achievements: Survey

ISLAMABAD, Jun 9 (APP): The National Climate Change Policy (NCCP-2021) updated by the Ministry of Climate Change implementation assessment shows landmark achievements gained by the Ministry.

According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2021-22 announced here at a press conference Thursday, the Ministry has assessed the implementation outcomes of the updated national policy.

The promising outcomes of the Policy were also witnessed by the provincial line departments in various development sectors of agriculture, transport, energy, industries, forestry and biodiversity through adaptation and mitigation measures.

The number of projects initiated by the federal government and provincial departments included Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Plantation project, Clean Green Pakistan Index, Ecosystem Restoration, WASH, Climate resilient Urban Development and Green Building Code were the major initiatives in addressing climate change in the country.

The goal of this policy is to steer Pakistan towards climate resilient and low carbon development. Thus, it would provide a comprehensive framework in order to address the issues that Pakistan faces and will face in future due to changing climate.

This policy document will be reviewed and updated regularly to address emerging concepts and issues in the ever-evolving science of climate change.

Keeping in view national and international requirements, the updated policy document
has been designed in accordance with the requirements of Paris Agreement on climate change, SDGs and Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Hence, appropriate measures relating to disaster preparedness, capacity building, institutional strengthening; technology transfer and international cooperation have also been incorporated as important components of the policy.