China offers $112.33 mln financial grant, $14 mln in-kind support for flood relief

China offers $112.33 mln financial grant, $14 mln in-kind support for flood relief

ISLAMABAD, Dec 11 (APP): China has offered Pakistan, a cash grant worth US$112.33 million for post-flood reconstruction activities, besides sending the in-kind support worth of $14.06 million (100 million RMB).

Besides the Chinese government grant and in-kind support, the additional support also came from China including 100 million RMB ($14.05 million) from the Chinese Army, 125 million RMB ($17.57 million) from the Chinese People’s Association, 17 million RMB ($2.39 m) to Embassy of Pakistan in China, 2.1 million RMB ($0.3 million) by Red Cross Society of China and US$0.067 million were provided by All Pakistani Chinese Enterprises Association, according to official documents.

In September the Chinese government committed to provide grant assistance of $42.13 million (300 million RMB) under the agreement on Economic and technical cooperation signed on March 30, 2022, between the governments of China and Pakistan for post-disaster reconstruction.

Similarly, another MoU was signed on November 02, 2022, in China for the provision of a grant worth $70.2 million for post-disaster reconstruction in flood-hit areas of Pakistan.

As per details of the in-kind support, the documents show that so far China has dispatched 8 flights, and 9 commercial consignments carrying 13000 tents, 10,000 blankets, 1000 boxes of cookies, and 10 tons of tomatoes.

The consignments were received on August 30 to September 23 and the receiving authority was National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

By land, China send 200 tonnes of onions on September 11 through the Khanjarab border, GB, the document added.
Likewise, by sea China sent three ships in the first batch carrying 15 containers with 77,000 blankets, 9000 boxes of compressed biscuits, and 3,300 water purifiers. in the first batch.

In the second batch, China sent 15 containers carrying 5000 tents while in the third batch the country dispatched 60 containers carrying 23,000 blankets, 10,000 emergency sleeping bags, 8000 tents, 15000 folding beds, 500 gasoline generator sets, and 1500 cotton tents.

Besides, the in-kind support, the Chinese government also offered to send two technical teams (disaster assessment, medical and public health) to help the government of Pakistan in the immediate rescue and relief activities and in the subsequent rehabilitation and reconstruction process.

The disaster assessment team arrived in Pakistan on October 11 and left on October 21, whereas the medical team arrived on October 28 and will depart on November 11, 2022, the document added.

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