Around 6.4 MMCFD gas to be saved with conical baffles’ installation in geysers: OGRA

OGRA issues gas price revision notification
OGRA issues gas price revision notification

ISLAMABAD, Jan 12 (APP): The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has made the installation of conical baffles mandatory in all kinds of gas-run geysers including existing and new ones by December 2023 aimed at saving the precious and scarce commodity.

“Total approximate savings in gas will be 6.4 MMCFD (Metric Million Cubic Feet per Day) with the help of this initiative. The deadline of December 2023 has been set for installation of conical baffles,” OGRA spokesman Imran Ghaznavi said in a statement.

The decision to conical baffles’ installation had been taken to conserve energy and eliminate the gas shortages in the country, he said, adding it would result in a reduction of 20-25% in gas bills charged on account of geyser usage. “This initiative will also greatly help in minimising the ongoing natural gas crisis in the country.”

Currently, the spokesman said, the total number of gas consumers in the country was 10.65 million, out of which 3.088 million were using geysers.

Earlier, he advised consumers to ensure careful use of gas appliances including heaters, geysers and stoves to avoid any untoward incidents.

“Gas heaters and stoves pose serious health risks and are the main cause of many fatal incidents, so due care is needed in the use of gas appliances,” he said.

Imran Ghaznavi said carbon monoxide was colourless and odourless, adding “high levels of carbon monoxide in the air are very dangerous and may cause people to pass out or even die.”

In the winter season, he said people should consider “safe alternative” ways of keeping themselves warm and remain extra careful, especially while using indoor gas appliances.

Highlighting necessary precautionary measures, the spokesman suggested regular service of gas heaters, ensuring appropriate ventilation, and keeping away all flammable materials like clothes at least one meter away from the heater.

He asked consumers to never leave a gas heater running when while going to bed.
Ghaznavi said consumers must switch off gas appliances in case of gas load shedding or blackout.

“Never use or store solvents, aerosols or pressure pack cans near a gas heater – even if the heater is turned off, the pilot light may still be on,” he further said.
He was of the view that consumers should never dispose of rubbish such as tissue papers, cotton buds or other things in a gas fire as it could affect combustion and produce dangerous pollutants.

Besides, the OGRA spokesman said, consumers should avoid using outdoor appliances inside like barbeques and patio heaters. “And never use or store a gas cylinder indoors.”

He said the authority had initiated a safety campaign through its stakeholders and licensees aimed at educating the general public about possible safety measures to avoid loss of precious lives and property.