Ahsan accuses Imran for destroying country’s economy

ISLAMABAD, Aug 4 (APP): Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Ahsan Iqbal on Thursday said that Imran Khan destroyed the economy as the country’s treasury found empty.
He expressed these views while addressing a press conference on Thursday.
Ahsan said Imran Khan tried to keep the foreign funding case pending for eight years and violated the constitution and law.
Reacting to Imran Khan’s address, Ahsan said that Imran Khan was claiming that he was very innocent but if he was clear and transparent, he would not have prolonged the foreign funding case for eight years if there was nothing in it.
He said Imran had no sympathy for the flood victims of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Ahsan Iqbal said that economy of the country suffered due to bad governance of Imran Khan.
When Imran Khan left the government in April, people were talking that Pakistan would face the situation similar in Sri Lanka.
He said that Imran Khan now once again wanted to lead the country towards economic depression, adding Imran sold Kashmir and did not let the Chinese President visit Pakistan in 2014.
Imran Khan gave irresponsible statements against CPEC, which damaged vital economic interests of the country, he remarked and said Imran ignored the CPEC project and no money was invested in it. He also did nothing to make progress on the Gwadar seaport project.
Ahsan said that Imran Khan spoke against the constitutional institutions of Pakistan and created disharmony and chaos in his four years in power.
The government of Imran Khan did not take any steps to strengthen the economy, he said adding during his tenure, Imran destroyed the country’s food security and the inflation was out of control.
He said despite the repeated denials of the country’s institutions, Imran Khan kept claiming that he was removed through a foreign conspiracy.
“We will not allow Pakistan to become hostage of a new Hitler.”
Ahsan Iqbal said the government of Pakistan Muslim League(N) spent $ 29 billion of funds on the CPEC project and nobody could point corruption of a single penny while during the tenure of Imran Khan, corruption increased in the country as was apparent from the international corruption index.
He said Imran hid his bank accounts and now he would have to face the law for all of his crimes, he added.
He asked Imran Khan to avoid using the card of religion.
He said Imran was calling their government imported while he himself was involved in foreign funding.
He said that Imran Khan was harming Pakistan’s interests by taking money from the foreign lobbies.
“When our government came, the finance ministry said that it did not have funds for the development projects.”
Imran Khan left the government after throwing the economy of Pakistan in the worst condition, he added.

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