LAHORE, June 15 (APP):-:The Punjab government has earmarked an amount of 500 million
for human rights & minority affairs sector for the fiscal year 2020-21.
According to the budget document, an amount of Rs 321 million was
allocated for the ongoing schemes, whereas, Rs 178 million allocated
for new schemes in the development budget 2020-21.
In ongoing schemes, a sum of Rs 178 million has been allocated
for Development of Model Localities of Minorities, Rs 25 million for
Education Scholarships for Minority Students, Rs 25 million for Financial
Assistance to Deserving Minority Students through PEEF and Rs 92 million
for the Improvement/Renovation of Religious Places of Minorities.
In new schemes, Rs 100 million were allocated for Minority Development
Fund (MDF) and Rs 78 million for completion of ongoing schemes.