LAHORE, Jun 15 (APP):The Punjab government has allocated Rs 17,470 million as development budget for irrigation in the financial year 2020-21, with a vision to provide adequate, equitable and reliable irrigation supplies to the cultivable lands of Punjab aiming at enhanced agricultural productivity.
According to the budget documents, Rs 16,770 million have been earmarked for 129 ongoing schemes and Rs 700 million for 7 new schemes.
It is pertinent to mention here that schemes which would improve on-farm productivity are prioritized for funding. Major initiatives for ADP include: Trimmu barrage located on Chenab river; Islam barrage located on Sutlej river; disaster risk management works under National Disaster and Risk Management Fund (NDRM); provision of flood protection sector project-III, remodeling of BRBD link canal to meet the shortage of canal supply for Lahore and Kasur divisions etc.