LAHORE, Jun 15 (APP):The Punjab government has allocated Rs 31.73 billion for the agriculture sector in the
financial year 2020-21, with a vision to transform the sector into high value one with
consistent approach in promoting value agriculture produces as fruits and vegetables,
with 12 per cent of the total agriculture sector annual development programme (ADP).
According to the budget documents, out of total allocation for the sector Rs 7,250 million had
been allocated for 39 ongoing scheme while Rs 500 million for five new schemes.
The major initiatives for financial year 2020-21 are rural enterprises for agriculture
development project, crop maximization through cooperative farming, promotion of fruits
production in Punjab through provision of certified plants, development of hybrid and OPVs in
vegetables resilient to climate change, mechanized management of rice crop residues, integrated
plan for agriculture development in tehsil Koh-e-Sulman, DG Khan, acquisition of land for
establishment of model markets in Rawalpindi, DG Khan and Gujranwala, the national programme
for enhancing command are of small and mini dams in rain fed areas of the country, programme
for establishment of model markets in Punjab, strengthening of AMRI research and development
capabilities in collaboration with the UAF for fabrication of cost effective and efficient small
agriculture implements for small farmers and for transforming the Indus basin with climate
resilient agriculture and climate smart water management.