Balochistan unveils Rs 584.083 billion budget 2021-22

Balochistan govt establishes 'Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Fund'
Balochistan govt establishes 'Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Fund'

QUETTA, Jun 18 (APP): The budget of Balochistan for the next financial year (FY) 2021-22 has been presented at Rs 584.083 billion in which Rs 237.221 billion was allocated for development and Rs 346.861 billion for non-development expenditure.

The province will have a total revenue of Rs 499.363 billion including Rs 355.935 billion from the federation Rs, 103.209 billion and Rs, 17.353 billion from foreign project assistants grant, Rs, 1.902 billion from capital revenues, Rs, 5.477 billion from state trading food, Rs, 15.485 billion will receive income from cash carry over.

The budget deficit will be Rs. 84.720 billion.
10 percent salaries and pensions of government employees have been increased in financial year budget 2021-22 while 15 percent raise in salaries of those employees in 19 grades whose allowances are less.

The budget session of Balochistan Assembly was presided over by Speaker Mir Abdul Qaddus Bizenjo with a delay of about two hours due to protests of opposition leaders.
Balochistan Finance Minister Mir Zahoor Buledi while presenting the budget for the next financial year 2021-22 in the House, said that in the annual budget, Rs 44.694 billion has been earmarked for non-development funds for health sector, Rs 11.884 billion for development, Rs 8.463 billion for primary and secondary education and Rs 53.256 billion for non-development, Rs, 11.736 billion developmental funds for higher education development, Rs, 4.469 billion for non-development.

Rs. 9.545 billion was kept for Agriculture development and Rs. 11.483 billion for its non-development, Rs. 384 million for Food Sector, and Rs. 6.400 billion for its non-development including State Trading, Rs, 4.357 billion for rural development, Rs. 18.261 billion in its non-development, Rs. 52.668 billion as development for communication and construction, Rs. 13.793 billion for its non-development, Rs. 26.867 billion for allocation of Law and order development.

Rs 34.524 billion for drinking and irrigation was proposed and Rs 10.563 billion in non-development, despite keeping funds Rs 2.656 billion for public relations and information technology development and Rs 1.132 billion in non-development, Rs, 219 million for survey of mineral resources, Rs 36.40 million for establishing of Mineral Testing Laboratory, Rs, 4,302 billion for Fisheries and Coastal Development and Rs. 1.168 Billion for non-Development, Rs. 3.923 Billion for Energy Sector and Rs. 7.260 billion.

Rs, 217.118 billion was allocated for environment sector and Rs 538.470 million for non-development sector, Rs 2.101 billion for Livestock sector promotion and Rs 4.526 billion for non-development sector, Rs,1.450 billion for manpower, industry and handicrafts and Rs. 4.384 billion in non-development, Rs. 2.702 billion for social security and services and Rs. 4.955 billion for non-development, Rs. 5.673 billion for sports and Rs. 1.495 billion in non-development. Rs 1.542 billion for Culture and Truism sector development, Rs 1.051 billion for non-development, Rs 2 billion for Apna Gar house scheme, Rs 1 billion for establishment of Bank of Balochistan.

The finance Minister announced that 10% salaries and pensions of government employees would be increased.

He said funds allocated Rs 2 billion for Establishment of Relief Support for assistance to persons with disabilities, Rs 500 million for minority community, Rs, 1 billion for welfare of fishermen, Rs 2 billion for microfinance interest free loan, Rs, 500 million for Women empowerment fund while Rs 2 billion was allocated for Balochistan Public Endowment for overcoming financial problems., Rs. one billion was proposed for food security and state trading for overcoming financial problems.