Govt allocates funds for metro bus connecting Bharakahu, Rawat with Faizabad

Govt allocates funds for metro bus connecting Bharakahu, Rawat with Faizabad

ISLAMABAD, Jun 9 (APP): The government has allocated funds for various development projects, including the Metro Bus from Bharakahu to Faizabad and from Rawat to Faizabad, bringing good news to the residents of Islamabad.

A sum of Rs 29 million has been earmarked in the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2023-24 to conduct feasibility studies for launching metro bus services at these two locations.

According to the PSDP document, the highest allocation within the Interior Division, amounting to Rs 2200 million, has been granted to the Islamabad Development Project, which encompasses numerous development schemes with potential benefits for the public.

Moreover, significant sums of funds have been allocated for ongoing and new development schemes in the Federal Capital. These include Rs 400 million for the Construction of 10th Avenue, Rs 405 million for the Construction of Flyover and Approaches at Railway Line Sihala, Rs 350 million for the Construction of Korang Bridge and PWD underpass, and Rs 66 million for the Design Cum construction of Bridge at Kuri River.

Likewise, allocations have been made for the Korang River and Rawal Lake Water Treatment (Rs 255 million), Roads and Street Pavement in ICT (Rs 6.7 million), Sewerage/Sanitation and Water Supply Scheme in ICT (Rs 78 million), Construction of Road from Darbar Sain Mircho to Shamas Colony (Rs 10 million), and Water Supply Scheme at Ujrri Kalan (Rs 49 million).

Furthermore, significant allocations have been made for the ongoing construction of the National Police Hospital in Islamabad (Rs 1198 million), Operation Management & Maintenance of Metro Bus to Islamabad Airport (Rs 268 million), and Rehabilitation and Improvement of Fish Seed hatchery at Rawal Dam (Rs 23 million) in the PSDP for the fiscal year 2023-24.

Overall, a total of Rs 9950 million has been allocated for 29 ongoing and nine new development schemes under the Interior Division. Among these, Rs 9051 million has been earmarked for ongoing schemes, while Rs 899 million has been reserved for new schemes.

The majority of the allocated funds within the Interior Division are oriented towards security and safety measures. The project receiving the third highest allocation (Rs 817 million) is also related to security, involving the raising of five additional wings for Frontier Corps Balochistan (South) to enhance Western Border management.

Moreover, Rs 200 million has been allocated for the Integrated Border Management System, and Rs 100 million has been apportioned for the security of foreign nationals. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has also received an allocation of Rs 480 million for operational improvement and Rs 300 million for revamping its cybercrime wing.

Additionally, a total of Rs 512 million has been allocated for the new construction schemes of two Wings Headquarters in South Waziristan and four blocks of soldier flats at Bajaur Scouts.

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