FAISALABAD, Oct 31 (APP): The major contest of Local Bodies (LB)
elections 2015 is being held nine City Council (CC) constitutions from where expected candidates for mayor-ship and deputy mayor-ship of Faisalabad Municipal Corporation would be selected.
These city councils include: CC-1, CC-54, CC-57, CC-64, CC-77, CC-110,
CC-116, CC-137 and CC-146.
In CC-1,former mayor Malik Ashraf is contesting LB polls
with bucket symbol against Amin Butt (diamond).
This constituency mainly comprises Clowk Clock Tower, its adjacent bazaars
where PML-N has not fielded its candidate but it has been
left to Mayor Group headed by former Mayor Chaudhary Sher Ali and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Group.
The panel of Chaudhary Sher Ali is contesting LB polls (bucket symbol)
whereas Rana Sana Ullah group is fighting for LB elections with diamond (heera) as his symbol.
Interestingly,in CC-54, Sara Amjad Yaseen, daughter of MNA Chaudhary Amjad
Yaseen (symbol bucket) is in competition against her uncle Mian Haroon Yaseen who was contesting LB elections with lion symbol.