Zubaida Khanum had unique,distinctive voice: Suraiya Multanikar

MULTAN, Oct 19, (APP)::Pride of performance legendary singer Suraiya Multanikar on Friday said that Zubaida Khanum had a
distinctive and unique voice.
Talking to APP in connection with great singer’s 5th death anniversary, Multanikar said that Zubaida Khanum was a loving lady who had never felt jealous of any other contemporary singer,
added that it was herculean task to sing and earn name in Madam Noor Jehan’s era.
She sang melodious and heart touching songs on composition
made by the renowned composers of their time, Multanikar
She had a very catchy voice and all of my family members
were her fans, she said adding that the late singer was a
big name of Pakistani music industry.
Suraiya Multanikar said that Zubaida Khanum sang ever-green
songs which were being sung by singers today. For becoming a
good singer, strong breath is imperative, the iconic singer
informed and added that Zubaida worked with the best
music directors of her time.
Admiring Zubaida Khanum sweet voice, known musician
Usatd Sagheer stated that Zubaida Khnaum had a ‘ typical film
voice’ who had the command over both Punjabi and
Urdu accent.
She did play back singing more with music director
Rasheed Attre, he said adding that her songs in “Chan Mahi and
Mukhra” were too much hit.
For “Ishaq-i-Laila”, Zubaida Khnaum recorded 17 songs
which were all hit, Ustad Sagheer who has been associated with music industry for 40 years disclosed.
“Kiya Howa Dil Pay Sitam” of Raat Ka Rahi and “Mera Dil
Chana Kuch Da Khidona” of Mukhara can never be forgotten,
he said and added that Zubaida khanum in her short span of eight
years in music industry had left indelible imprints on
minds of music lovers.
Though she had not learnt music formally, she had no
competitor in the industry, Ustad Sagheer infomred adding that
in 1950s and 60s Pakistan Film industry had giants composers
like Ghulam Ahmed Chishti, Rasheed Attre, Safdar Hussain,
Khawaja Khursheed Anwar, A Hameed, Salim Iqbal and others.
Paying tribute to acclaimed singer, former director progammes
Radio Pakistan Khursheed Malik said that Zubaida Khanum sang
numerous songs which are still popular among music lovers.
She had dandy style of singing and is recognized worldwide
due to her sweet voice, he said and added that she sang
for the Radio Pakistan Lahore in her childhood.
It is worth mentioning here she sang a song at Radio
Pakistan Lahore in 1956s in a youth programme. After listening
the song, Rasheed Attary called for her and made her sing
for Shehri Baboo. The great singer died on October 19, 2013
in Lahore at 78.