Xi Jinping hails solid friendship with Pakistan amid novel coronavirus outbreak


BEIJING, Feb 20 (APP):Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday appreciated the strong and timely support from Pakistan amid novel coronavirus, saying facts had proved once again that China and Pakistan were true friends and good brothers.

In a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Chinese president emphasized that China and Pakistan were all-weather strategic partners and had a fine tradition of mutual help and mutual assistance, according to a statement issued by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He said after the outbreak, Pakistan immediately expressed its support to China, provided valuable material donations, and maintained all normal exchanges between the two countries.

“A few days ago, your National Assembly and Senate passed resolutions to support China’s fight against the epidemic. Today, the prime minister made a special phone call to express his condolences and support,” he added.

Xi Jinping said facts had proved once again that China and Pakistan were true friends and good brothers, who shared the same affliction and difficulties.

“We will take care of our Pakistani brothers and sisters in China just as we treat our citizens,” he added.

The Chinese president pointed out that China-Pakistan relations had maintained a high level of development. “China will always prioritize Pakistan as a diplomatic priority, continue to work with Pakistan to build a high-quality China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and support and cooperate with each other on major international and regional issues, making China-Pakistan relations a model to promote the building of a community of shared future for humanity.”

Xi Jinping informed Imran Khan that the fight against the coronavirus was currently a top priority for the Chinese government and said that thanks to the hard work of the medical staff and people of all ethnic groups, the situation of the epidemic had begun to change.

“We not only have the confidence, ability, and confidence to win this epidemic prevention and control fight, but also minimize the impact of the epidemic and strive to achieve this year’s economic and social development goals and tasks,” he added.

“Based on the current situation, we must resolutely win the fight against epidemic prevention and control”, he said. “We must also look at the long-term, summarize experiences in a timely manner, improve major epidemic prevention and control systems and mechanisms, and improve the national public health emergency management system.”

On behalf of the government and people, Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed sincere condolences to the Chinese people against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and highly appreciated China’s effective measures to deal with the epidemic.

Imran Khan said due to China’s effective prevention and control, the epidemic had not spread throughout the world. The entire world appreciated China’s efforts and effectiveness in responding to the epidemic.

No country could do better than China, he added.
He thanked the Chinese president for thoughtful care and assistance to Pakistani citizens in China and said Pakistan was willing to continue to help China fight the epidemic.

“Pakistan firmly believes that China will be able to overcome the epidemic. No matter what the situation is, the entire Pakistani people will stand firm with the Chinese people,” he added.