ISLAMABAD, Jul 17 (APP): Rain-thunderstorm with isolated heavy falls is expected at scattered places of upper and central Pujnab, Khaber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir in next 24 hours.

Rainfall is forecast in Islamabad, upper/central Punjab
(Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Lahore divisions), KP (Malakand, Hazara, Peshawar, Mardan, Kohat, Bannu, D.I.Khan divisions), FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir.

Whereas showers are also likely at isolated places in Multan,
D.G.Khan, Bahawalpur, Zhob divisions.

Heavy downpour may generate Flash/Urban Flooding and
landslides in vulnerable areas of Upper KP, GB, Northeast Punjab and Kashmir.

Seasonal low lies over North Balochistan with its trough
extending north-eastwards. Monsoon currents are also penetrating upper and central parts of the country. A westerly wave is also affecting upper parts of the country and likely to persist till Tuesday morning, an official of Met office told APP.

In last 24 hours rain-thunderstorm occurred at a number of
places in Islamabad, upper/central Punjab while at scattered places in KP, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir and northeast Balochitsan.

Rainfall recorded during this timespan remained Nurpur Thal
116mm, Jhang 71mm, Toba Tek Singh 63mm, Gujranwala, Bhakkar 42mm, Lahore (A/P 41mm, City 34mm), Kasur 33mm, Okara 23mm, Layyah 20mm, Islamabad (Golra, Saidpur 18mm, Bokra 13mm, Zero Point 02mm),
Sargodha 15mm, Rawalpindi (Chaklala 08mm, Shamsabad 04mm), Joharabad 04mm, Sahiwal 02mm, D.I.Khan 41mm, Parachinar 30mm, Peshawar (City 14mm, A/P 01mm), Cherat, Dir 12mm, Malamjabba 10mm, Kohat, Lower
Dir, Kalam 05mm, Saidu Sharif 02mm, Barkhan 56mm, Sibbi 37, Chillas 02mm and Garhi Dupatta 04mm.

Highest temperatures recorded on Sunday was Sibbi, Turbat,
Nokkundi 44øC, Dalbandin, Panjgur 43øC, Dadu, Sukkar 42øC, Multan 39øC, Peshawar, Quetta 37øC, Gilgit, Faisalabad, Chitral 36øC, Hyderabad 35øC, Islamabad, Muzaffarabad, Lahore 34øC, Dir, Karachi, Kalat 33øC, Hunza 31øC, Skardu 27øC and Murree 23øC.