PESHAWR July 11 (APP): The heavy torrential rains and flash floods have killed 45 persons and injured 25 others in various incidents during last ten days in different parts of the province.

According to latest report of Provincial Disasters Management Authority (PDMA) Khyber Pakthunkhwa, most of the casualties occurred in Chitral where 29 people including 21 civilians and eight security personnel died and four others injured due to flash floods caused by heavy torrential rains on July 2.

The bodies of 19 victims have been recovered while efforts are underway for recovery of 10 others missing persons. The floods and heavy rains have destroyed 20 houses besides partially damaging 27 others.

In Kohat, seven persons died and seven others injured besides one house partially damaged in different incidents. At Kandar dam picnic spot in Kohat, a kid was drowned and after him four ladies jump for his rescue and resultantly all of them died.

Two deaths were reported due to roof collapsed incidents in Kohat.

In Mardan, as many as four persons lost their lives and six others injured besides two houses partially damaged due to heavy windstorm and rains at village Pir Saddi and Shergarah tehsil Takhtbhai on mid night between July 6-7.

Three people were killed and six others injured besides one house partially damaged due to cloud outburst at Shinkar and chairlift fallen in Khunar river at Naran in Manshera district.

At least one person drowned in Irrigation Canal at Dargai in Malakand district whereas one person died and two others injured when a wall collapsed in Swat.