Waheed Murad’s 34th death anniversary today


ISLAMABAD, Nov 23 (APP):The 34th death anniversary of legendary Pakistani film actor, producer and script writer Waheed Murad is wasobserved Thursday.
According to Radio Pakistan, Waheed Murad was born in Sialkot on October 2, 1938. He was the only child of well-off film distributor Nisar Murad.
He got early his education from Karachi Grammar School, did graduation from S.M. Arts College Karachi and then got masters degree in English literature from University of Karachi.
He is well-known for his charming expressions, attractive personality, tender voice and unusual talent for acting in films. His style of acting made him popular amongst the young cinema viewers of South Asia.
Waheed Murad started his film career by joining his father’s established Film Art in 1961 as producer of the film `Insaan Badalta Hai’.
He appeared in a supporting role in 1962 in the film `Aulad’. `Heera aur Pathar’ was his first movie as a leading actor and considered to be his major breakthrough.
He acted in a total of 124 films of which 38 were black and white and 86 were in color. He acted in films 115 Urdu, 8 Punjabi movies and one Pashto film.
He received 32 prestigious film awards. He was awarded Nigar Award for best actor in `Heera aur Pathar’ in 1964, `Armaan’ in1966, `Andaleeb’ in1969, `Mastana Mahi’ in 1971 and Legend Award for life time in 2002.
In November 2010, 27 years after his death, he was awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz for distinguished contributions in the fields of literature and arts. He died on November 23, 1983 in Karachi.