UNDP convenes First Advisory Council Meeting for 3rd NHDR on Inequality


ISLAMABAD, Mar 26 (APP):United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Tuesday organized its first Advisory Council meeting for the 3rd Pakistan National Human Development Report (NHDR) on Inequality.

It aimed to compute a multidimensional index of inequality at the national, intra-provincial, and inter-provincial levels.

Qualitative research would also be undertaken in the form of focus groups and ethnographies, to get a more in-depth perspective of people’s perceptions and experiences of inequality in Pakistan, said a press release.

Dr. Pasha during the meeting emphasized how the findings of the report were particularly pertinent at this time, owing to a 43 percent increase in inequality in Pakistan between 1987 and 2016.

The proposed policy recommendations would also align well with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #10, which aimed to reduce inequality within and among countries, he added.

UNDP Resident Representative Pakistan Ignacio Artaza said, “These reports enjoy full editorial independence and are an amalgamation of evidence-based research, human development measuring indices, and policy recommendations which are aligned with national priorities.”

He stated that the larger goal of the NHDR was to generate participation and dialogue around the experiences of disenfranchised groups in Pakistan, and to compel the government, CSOs, and individuals to work towards a more equitable Pakistan for all.

The members included Pakistan’s foremost academics, technical experts, and policy makers, including Shandana Gulzar Khan, Dr. Faisal Bari, Mustafa Talpur and representatives from the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) and UNICEF, among many others.

The discussion was initiated by Ignacio Artaza, UNDP Pakistan’s Resident Representative with contributing remarks by Daniel Valenghi (SDC), Shakeel Ahmed (UNDP Pakistan’s Assistant Resident Representative) and Dr. Hafiz Pasha (lead author of the NHDR and former Commerce, Planning, and Finance Minister).