ISLAMABAD, Feb 20 (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz on Saturday declared Mariam Nawaz’s press conference as self contradictory and said that she did not understand the dynamics of elections .

In a statement, the minister said that on the one hand, she was praising the Election Commission of Pakistan by saying that local administration was missing in action yet on the other hand, she was crying for rigging.

“How can the rigging be managed without ECP or local administration and police support?,” he questioned.

He said either she was too naive and did not understand the dynamics of elections or she was living up to her reputation to lie and cry foul come what may.

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Shibli Faraz said she had made a mockery of herself in media because of her claim to fame statement about her assets in Pakistan and abroad and forgery of font by tempering the affidavit in Supreme Court.

She cannot have both ways that other elections which were won by PML-N in both provinces under the administration control of PTI government. “This duality of purpose wont serve.”

He said that these seats were considered safe as PML-N seats and the worrisome point for Mariam was that they lost their big margins of winning and the PTI candidate in Daska had won as per reports.

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The minister said that bullying, threatening and violence were the hallmarks of the PML- N.

He said that PTI loss in Nowshera was bad but not due to loss of popularity but because of the loss of loyalty. He said that action has been taken and the people responsible have been punished for selling their souls.

He said that today the institutions are free and ECP statement is manifestation of this fact and no such examples can be given from the past.

Shibli said hearing of the issue would be held at ECP on coming Tuesday. He said that ECP was independent institution and all should respect its decision.