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ISLAMABAD, Nov 14 (APP): President Dr Arif Alvi Saturday while reiterating the resolve to defend Pakistan against all conspiracies, appealed to the nations of the world to uphold justice under UN Charter and make India accountable for her state sponsored terrorism and her nefarious deeds if they wanted peace and stability in the region.

The president in series of tweets said, β€œThe world has been provided concrete and irrefutable evidence of Indian state sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan. I want to tell my nation that your government, your security agencies and law enforcement remain alert, as always to the mischievous designs of India.”

β€œOf course, we will continue to defend Pakistan against all conspiracies, but I implore the nations of the world, as they subscribe to UN Charter & its resolutions, to uphold justice, & make India accountable for her nefarious deeds, if they want peace & stability in the region,” he further posted.

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