PM directs action plan for agri sector to increase production

PM directs action plan for agri sector to increase production
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ISLAMABAD, Sep 23 (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday directed formulation of an action plan based on time-lines for medium and long-term projects in the agricultural sector to increase production and modernization.

Chairing a meeting to review reforms in the agricultural sector, including increasing agricultural production and addressing food security challenges, the prime minister called for special economic measures for processing of agricultural commodities.

A detailed briefing on the situation, progress on the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Emergency Programme and increasing production of various commodities was given to meeting.
The prime minister directed to collect accurate and reliable data on production estimates of various commodities, and to expedite the process of activating the National Food Security Dashboard at the Ministry of Food Security with assistance of the provinces and departments concerned.

Imran Khan stressed more robust and integrated system of coordination among all the stakeholders, including research institutes, universities and related institutions.
He emphasized on using the experience of China to ensure full utilization of its expertise and cooperation.  The prime minister also directed to reorganize the agro-ecological zones.
He assured support to commodities such as olives and pulses, which needed imports to meet its need.

Minister for Food Security Syed Fakhr Imam, Minister for Information Senator Shibli Faraz Special Assistant Dr Shahbaz Gul, Secretary National Food Security Umar Hameed Khan and officers concerned from the agricultural sector attended the meeting.

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