Pakistan issues dossier on Indian terror-financing with “irrefutable evidence”

Foreign Minister, DG ISPR share a dossier on Indian state sponsored terrorism in Pakistan
Foreign Minister, DG ISPR share a dossier on Indian state sponsored terrorism in Pakistan
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By Shafek Koreshe & Ishtiaq Ahmed

ISLAMABAD, Nov 14 (APP): Pakistan on Saturday presented an evidence-laden dossier exposing Indian-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan through its intelligence agencies, US 500 mln funding to sabotage CPEC, and unification of terror outfits to unleash terrorism in the country.

“Pakistan is presenting this dossier to the UN, OIC, P-5 countries and others. The evidence presented by Pakistan provides concrete proof of Indian financial and material sponsorship of multiple terrorist organizations including UN-designated terrorist organizations Jamatul Ahrar, BLA and TTP,” the foreign minister told a news conference here.

Accompanied by the foreign minister, Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar highlighted major contents of the dossier containing “irrefutable evidence” – translated letters, supply chain of weapons and equipment, telephonic conversations, video recordings and funding details from banks in India to the terrorists in Pakistan.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said keeping in view the evidence, he warned of an increase in terrorist activities inside Pakistan, particularly in Gilgit Baltistan in the coming months.

Qureshi said Pakistan would be presenting the dossier to the UN and other international organisations to bring to justice all those involved in supporting acts of terrorism inside the country.

Qureshi shows Dossier on Indian involvement in Pakistan
Qureshi shows Dossier on Indian involvement in Pakistan

“We are providing irrefutable evidence of Indian sponsoring of acts of terrorism in Pakistan,” the Foreign minister said.

“India is a state sponsor of terrorism, and is consistently exhibiting rogue behaviour,” he added.

“India is a state sponsor of terrorism, and is consistently exhibiting rogue behaviour”; Qureshi

To sabotage the CPEC a special cell that reports directly to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been established jointly by the RAW and Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) to “undermine, delay and disrupt” the project. India has also raised a militia of 700 persons to undertake terrorism in Balochistan. A 24-member commission including 10 RAW operatives was created and $60 million were dedicated to this force alone.

Indian funding for sabotage of CPEC
Indian funding for sabotage of CPEC

“Earlier, we have been giving hints. Today, I openly say, that they have a clear plan to sabotage CPEC because they know CPEC’s success can be a game-changer for Pakistan,” Qureshi remarked.

He said a special cell had been established under the Indian prime minister in their intelligence agency to make efforts for undermining, delaying and disrupting CPEC. For this cell, an amount of Rs 80 billion has been allocated for this cell.

He also gave detail of the 19,130 terrorist incidents in Pakistan since 2001 that caused a whooping loss to the national exchequer to the tune of US 126 billion dollars and 83,000 precious lives.

terror attacks in Pakistan

The DG ISPR said the recent upsurge in violence in Pakistan was a direct consequence of Indian intensified engagement with the banned outfits, sub-nationalists and dissidents.

He said after the unification of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) with breakaway faction Jamatul Ahrar and Hizbul Ahrar, India was trying to build a consortium along with the proscribed dissident Baloch groups like BLA, BRA and BLF.

Handling of terrorist outfits by India

Showing on screen a translated latter in Dari, the DG ISPR told media that Indian Intelligence office Col. Rajesh held four meetings with the commanders of the terror outfits to execute terror activities in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar in November and December this year.

He said in order to establish Pakistan’s linkage with Daesh, India was creating a Daesh-e-Pakistan outfit for which 30 Indian Daesh militants were relocated from India to various camps along the Pak-Afghan border.

He said Indian embassies and consulates along the Pakistan border had become a hub of terror sponsorship in Pakistan as an Indian ambassador and a consular in Jalalabad held detailed discussion with collaborators to provide financial support to TTP and dissident Baloch elements.

DG ISPR told the media that the Indian intelligence service – RAW was financing frontmen in third countries and through Indian banks, they made two transactions to fan terrorism in KP.

“Both transactions were made through Indian banks. $28,000 were transferred by Punjab Bank India. Another transaction of $55,851 was made by Manmeet Yadev, an Indian national from an Indian bank in New Delhi and received by Afghanistan International Bank.

Dossier on Indian terrorism in Pakistan

He said RAW also held a number of meeting with TTP commanders and the Indian embassy paid $0.82 million to TTP commanders.

He said the Indian embassy had been paying a handsome amount to sub-nationalists under the garb of humanitarian assistance projects. The dossier contains four such transactions of $23.35 million to cause unrest in the province. He told the media that as per the confessional statement of London-based businessman Sarfaraz Merchant, RAW funded Altaf Hussain through two Indian companies.

Funding to Altaf Hussain for terrorism by India
Funding to Altaf Hussain for terrorism by India

Major General Babar Iftikhar said recently, a network was busted having linkage with an attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange. The gang was also involved in the delivery of suicide jackets, IEDs and explosives to terror groups. Two RAW front men along with four terrorists have been exposed in this case.

Payment for Terrorism by RAW – Suicide – Rs 10 million – VBIED – Rs 10  million  – IED – Rs 1 million – Target Killing – Rs 1 million

He said the network was also involved in target killing of ulema, police and notable against handsome like Rs10 million each for suicide bombing and a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, Rs 1 million each for IED and target killing.

Weapons and equipment support by India
Weapons and equipment support by India

He told media that RAW agents were also found motivating the tribals in KP to send fighters to Afghanistan for training. He said India also provided weapons valuing $0.062 million to the Altaf Hussian group to cause unrest in Karachi.

Similarly, he said Indian intelligence agencies were managing 87 multipurpose base camps – 66 in Afghanistan and 21 in India – to harbor, train and launch terrorists in Pakistan.

According to the dossier, India paid $30 million to establish a camp in the area of Sarhadi Leva of Kandahar to train dissidents of Balochistan and were supplied weapons and ammunition by RAW including four helicopters.

Indian intelligence agencies were managing 87 multipurpose base camps – 66 in Afghanistan and 21 in India

Referring to an MQM’s target killer Ajmal Pahari’s confessional statement, the DG ISPR said India had established four training camps for Altaf Hussain group where 40 terrorists were trained by Indian Army instructors.

Highlighting the terror attacks sponsored by India, the ISPR chief said the BLA and BLF launched attack on PC Hotel Gwadar in May 2019 for what RAW dedicated $0.5 million. Attack was masterminded by Dr Allah Nazar and Aslam Achhu who also traveled to India on fake documents.

He said 17 audio clips of Dr Allah Nazar discussing future attacks with RAW handlers validated his undeniable connections with RAW.

Even the links of attack at the Army Public School (APS) Peshawar and Agriculture University Faisalabad were also traced to India for which facilitator Malik Faridoon was engaged.

Terrorist getting treatment at Indian hospital
APS, Agriculture University terrorist getting treatment at Indian hospital

The attackers of the agriculture university live-streamed the attack to show their handlers and videos were uploaded from Afghan IP addresses.

He said recently, the security forces unearthed a RAW’s sleeper cell in Karachi and apprehended 13 of its members while main accused Mehmood Siddiqui was still residing in India.

The IED attack on Peshawar Police in May this year was also masterminded by RAW handlers Noor Muhamad and Zahidullah. The busting of the gang averted future planned attacks at different shrines, mosques, Khyber Market, police mobile and Bargah Qissa Khawani Bazar.

On August 14 this year, he said Pakistan security forces averted a massive terror attack masterminded by a RAW operative – codenamed Major Farmin Das who transported 500 mines, 220 rockets and 98 kg explosives.

He said India was pursuing an agenda to destabilise AJK and Gilgit Baltistan. Intangible evidence indicated RAWs involvement in planting IED and targeting innocent civilians. Since 2016, India planted 60 IEDs of which 38 exploded and 22 were neutralized, he added.

Since 2016, India planted 60 IEDs of which 38 exploded and 22 were neutralized

Moreover, an Indian officer delivered nine IEDs and walkie talkie sets to miscreants in AJK along with a video tutorial to guide the operation.

A voice recording of an Indian officer was also played guiding the terrorist to plant the device in certain locations of AJK.

The DG ISPR told media that RAW had also been engaged in creating a network of target killing of important personalities for rewards ranging Rs 50 to Rs 80 million.

In a recording, a handler was also heard assigning a terrorist to target some high profile personality in high security in Lahore, either through suicide or target killing against Rs 50 million. For this purpose, an amount of Rs 1.8 million were also transferred from a third country to the account of an individual being motivated to attack.

About Indian attempts to destabilize GB, he said after Pakistan’s decision to grant provision provincial status to GB, India was trying to subvert the process as was also discussed in the meeting held at the Indian external affairs ministry.

He said reports indicated that after November 20, hostile elements would be mobilized to undertake various subversive operations in Kashmir and GB as RAW aimed to exploit the prevalent environment by staging some terrorist attacks on large public gatherings.

Regarding the politicization of FATF by India, the ISPR DG said Indian foreign missions in FATF member countries had always been extensively lobbying with hosts prior to FATF meetings to undermine Pakistan’s achievements and create conditions for our grey/ blacklisting.

On the contrary, India needs to scrutinize at the FATF platform in the light of the evidence presented by Pakistan as well as recent revelations made by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network revealing the fragility of Indian terror financing and money laundering regimes.…

The DG ISPR said over Rs 22 bln was given by India to terrorists; TTP and militants of Balochistan.

Terrorist funding by India

Foreign Minister Qureshi later in a tweet said “Pakistan will not be deterred from our commitment to fostering relationships built on peace, harmony and stability, for the prosperity of all. Equally, we will not be deterred from exposing those who stand for the very opposite”.

A tweet from the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “India is the fountainhead; the face of state terrorism in South Asia. It is ironic that, as evident from the statements of its political and military leadership, India takes state sponsorship of terrorism as a matter of national pride.

Moeed Yusuf, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister said Pakistan was today providing irrefutable and detailed evidence of direct Indian sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan. He said he made the promise of sharing the evidence of Indian terrorism in Pakistan in his interview with Karan Thapar, one month back.