Elders of Hamza, Mariam promoted culture of corruption: Shibli

ISLAMABAD, Oct 22 (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz Thursday said the opposition was unduly making furore and fuss on arrest of Safdar Awan and indulged in political point-scoring to weaken the democracy and national institutions.

He said the opposition did stage a drama on the issue, adding Safdar Awan boarded comfortably in the vehicle and even raised some slogans after the arrest.

Speaking at a press conference, he said opposition was rattled as its politics was at stake
after getting a disappointing response from the public. It was just trying to cover up corruption and inefficiency of the Sindh government, he added.

He said People’s Party had been in power for the last twelve years in Sindh with a track record of alleged corrupt practices and mismanagement in the province. Sindh Chief Minister did not explain factual position about Safdar Awan incident on floor of the House, he added.

The minister said the economy was moving in the right direction, adding Pakistan did manage to revive its economy during coronavirus pandemic at a time when world economies were under great stress and strain.

Prime Minister Imran Khan took initiatives to protect jobs and ensure people’s health when the whole world was struggling during coronavirus, he added.

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He said Prime Minister Imran Khan smashed two parties nexus and hold on power with the support of people, adding now the opposition, comprising Banarsi swindlers, were staging dramas.

He pointed out that Safdar Awan and Maryam Safdar created mess and chaos without
any regard for sanctity of Quaid-e-Azam mausoleum.

The Pakistan Muslim League(N) was the party which dropped indecent pictures of Benazir Bhutto from the airplanes and got people killed in the Model Town incident, he recalled.

He said opposition was attempting to create chaos and uncertainty after its leaders fled abroad to avoid court proceedings. Opposition was misleading the nation, and distorting the facts, he added.

Shibli said the gas and electricity prices were going up due to the expensive Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) agreements signed by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi during the last tenure of PML-N.

He said exports and remittances had increased and current account deficit was in the positive while housing, cement and automobile sectors were growing.

Adviser to Prime Minister on Interior and Accountability Shahzad Akbar said there was hooliganism and sloganeering at the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam. Then some people went
to the police station and filed a written application against Safdar Awan, he added.

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He said maintaining law and order was the responsibility of the Sindh government after the
18th Amendment. Safdar Awan was arrested by Sindh police in the morning after the incident at the mausoleum, he added.

He said : “Everybody knows who is giving orders to the Sindh police. We have to see who has benefited from the incident.” The Sindh police, in a tweet, declared that the arrest was made according to law, he added.

Shahzad said he failed to understand the arrest of Safdar Awan in a bailable offence.
The Sindh government announced to hold inquiry into the incident, he added.

He said the Indian media did propaganda against Pakistan on the incident. A circus was
there to malign the nation and country, he remarked. Declaring opposition leaders ‘IG’ of
liars, he said opposition tried to mislead the nation today.

About Kulbhushan Jhadav issue, the Adviser said the government was taking measures in line with the orders of International Court of Justice (ICJ). The opposition was creating false impression of giving benefit by the government to Kulbhushan Jhadav while in reality the
opposition was helping Kulbhushan, he added.