OIC's Contact Group on Kashmir reaffirms 'unwavering' support to Kashmiri people's 'just' cause
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ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (APP): The Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Wednesday condemned French politicians remarks of encouraging publication of blasphemous caricatures under the guise of distorted version of right to freedom of expression.

In series of tweets, the OIC-IPHRC said the right to freedom of expression manifestly prohibited incitement to hatred and discrimination in respect of rights of others which were protected under the International Human Rights Laws (IHRL).

It further stressed upon restraint at all levels and recommended initiating a comprehensive inter-civilizational dialogue to eliminate ‘double standards’, bridge socio-cultural misperceptions and enhance mutual respect.

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“(The) OIC-IPHRC also support(s) reinvigorating the Istanbul Process for full and effective realization of UNHRC Res16/18 to counter perils of incitement to hatred and discrimination based on one’s religion or belief,” it further tweeted.