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BEIJING, Sep 25:  Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque has called for promoting collective regional and international efforts to address challenges of health pandemics, climate change and poverty.

Addressing 7th Peace Festival organized by China World Peace Foundation and Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation in partnership with UNECO, the Ambassador termed COVID-19 as a clarion call for the entire globe.

He stressed the need to strengthen international solidarity and multilateralism to combat this challenge.

Ambassador Haque said that this year’s event was taking place at an extra ordinary time when the entire humanity was under the grip of health crisis.

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“Our economies were shattered, schools were closed and health systems overwhelmed.
For ensuring the well being and health of our people, it was important to invest in our people through creating strong economic base, social safety nets, robust health infrastructures and focused poverty alleviation programs,” he added.