China to strengthen post-pandemic cooperation with Pakistan: Wang Yi

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BEIJING, Sep 11 (APP: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi vowed to strengthen cooperation with Pakistan in the post-pandemic, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said on Friday.

Wang said this during his meeting with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting held recently in Moscow.

China is willing to continue to provide Pakistan with anti-epidemic support until Pakistan completely overcomes COVID-19, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during his regular briefing while responding to a question from APP.

He said that both foreign ministers believed that in the context of rising unilateral bullying, the SCO FMs meeting had achieved positive results and sent out positive signals of upholding multi lateralism, safeguarding authority of the United Nations (UN), international law, and jointly responding to various challenges.

It has fulfilled international responsibilities that the SCO should bear.

Wang Yi emphasized that China would continue to provide Pakistan with anti-epidemic support until Pakistan completely overcomes the epidemic.

China would continue to work with Pakistan in advancing the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and cooperate in agricultural cooperation, which would deliver benefit to people.

“We believe that with the joint efforts of both sides, the corridor will play a greater role in Pakistan’s economic development and people’s welfare,” Wang Yi added, saying China will continue working with Pakistan, firmly supporting each other on international multilateral occasions to uphold international fairness and justice.

Wang Yi said, next year was the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan.

“We will build on our friendship, plan for the future, and make new progress in our bilateral relations.”
Foreign Minister Qureshi said that Pakistan and China had always trusted and supported each other.

“Pakistan will continue to stand firmly with China and oppose any stigmatization and unreasonable accusations against China.” Qureshi said.
He said, Pakistan was willing to work with China to advance the construction of the corridor, discuss poverty alleviation, cooperate in agriculture, and promote the continuous development of the all-weather strategic partnership.