CAA revises Travel Advisory for international passengers to Pakistan

Travel Restrictions - Pakistan - Covid19
Travel Restrictions - Pakistan - Covid19

APP DigitalISLAMABAD, Jan 30 (APP): The Pak­is­tan Civil Aviation Autho­rity (PCAA) in its updated travel advisory has restricted travelers from six Category-C countries and revised the list of countries whose travelers do not need a test report.

According to fresh guidelines issued by the national civil aviation authority from February 1 only those travelers from Category-C countries will be allowed to travel to Pakistan;

  • who have a negative PCR Test Certification, conducted 72 hours prior to commencement of travel. Apart from this these passengers also need to be;
  • Pakistani passport holders with a valid visa from Cat-C country
  • Pakistani NICOP holder
  • Pakistan Origin Card holder
  • Diplomatic Passport holder of Cat-C country, and their families

Category-C countries include – South Africa, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Ireland, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

Any passenger, coming arriving in Pakistan from these countries, or having stayed in a Cat-C country within the last ten days prior to travel to Pakistan may also be subjected to additional stipulations, as specified by the health authorities, upon arrival in Pakistan.

Civil Aviation Travel Advisory

These restrictions will remain in effect till Feb 28, 2021, 2359 hrs, and may be reviewed.

The PCAA also reduced the PCR test requirement for the countries categorized as B and C from 96 to 72 hours, and the earlier SoPs extended till Feb 28, 2021.

Civil Aviation Travel Advisory

Under the new guidelines, international travelers from countries placed in Category-A do not require a Covid-19 PCR test before entry into Pakistan. The Civil Aviation Authority has also revised its list of Category A countries.

Civil Aviation Travel Advisory

Category A; Australia, China, Cuba, Finland, Ghana, Iceland, Iraq, Kazakhstan Madagascar,  Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, and  Vietnam.

Travelers from Category-B countries are required to undergo the Covid-19 test before commencement of travel to Pakistan (maximum 72 hours old). While the countries have not been mentioned, the PCAA said all those countries not included in Category A and C will be part of Category B.

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The PCAA had also issued guidelines for flight crew arriving from the UK, South Africa, and Category-C countries:

CAA issues SOPs for air crew
CAA issues SOPs for air crew
Reported by Shafek Koreshe