Third Death Anniversary of Prof. Laeeq Ahmed to be observed on Friday

ISLAMABAD, Jan 26 (APP): The third death anniversary of renowned TV
Compere/Commentator/Broadcaster of PTV Prof. Laeeq Ahmed will be marked here on Friday.
The contributions of Prof. Laeeq Ahmed Khan, who passed away three
year ago, will always be remembered for his invaluable contributions to the field of media, education, communication, family planning and science, among others.
Passionate about both science and education, Laeeq Ahmed aimed to
disseminate science education to the people of Pakistan in a simpler
He produced more than 500 programmes on Television on science related topics along with others including the environment, global issues and current affairs.
Some of these famous programmes include `Science Magazine’ and `Kyun aur Kesay. He also conducted a number of talks on various science subjects for Radio Pakistan.
As a result of his extraordinary work, Laeeq Ahmed received the PTV
Award for the best commentator in 1983 and the PTV Award for the best compere in 1986.
In 1993 he was honored with the “President’s Award for Pride of
Performance” and the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2001, in recognition of his contributions to PTV, particularly in the field of education.
As a prominent educationist, he worked tirelessly for over 40 years to
improve the quality of education in Pakistan, working with both national and international institutions from China, the US and Canada.
Laeeq Ahmed also made efforts to raise awareness about global issues at local level, and in this regard he worked as a member of the `Family Planning Association of Pakistan’ to educate the masses about its importance.
During that period, he organized and represented Pakistan in a number of national and international conferences, seminars and workshops on crucial topics like “Islam and Family Planning”.
He locally held lectures and conducted television programmes like
`Mas’ala No.1′ to raise awareness for the issue. His efforts were highly
acknowledged by Head of States of many Muslim countries around the world.
He served in the Ministry of Education from 1980 to 1987, where he
proposed and led the establishment of the `Primary and Non-Formal Education Wing’, under which he successfully completed various important projects for the development and expansion of primary education in Pakistan.
In addition, he also introduced many other projects for rural education and served as part of several divisions under the Ministry of Education dealing with scholarships, educational planning and teacher’s training programmes.
Before joining the Ministry of Education, he also worked as part of
renowned universities like the University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Allama Iqbal Open University and establishments like the National Bank of Pakistan where he also introduced effective educational schemes for the benefit of the people.