World’s top pro wrestlers to be seen in action in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Aug 21 (APP): The first ever pro wrestling competitions will roll into action in five major cities of the country from November 28 to December 8.
“This will be a great wrestling event in Pakistan’s history as several renown professional wrestlers from 15 countries will feature in the event,” Pakistan’s only pro wrestler Badshah Pehalwan Khan told media at a press conference here at a local hotel on Sunday.
Flanked by former world champion Flesh Gordon and eminent wrestler Tiny Iron, Badshah said boxing contests would introduce a new era of sports activities in Pakistan.
“The event will not only provide a new sort of entertainment to the people here but will also pave way for the return of international sports activities,” said Badshah, who debuted in wrestling in October 2010 in France as a trainee and had his first pro wrestling match in January 2012.
The 22-year-old, who had competed against the best European pro wrestlers since his debut said, he wanted to tell the world that Pakistanis were peaceful people and lovers of sports.
“It had been my dream to see wrestling competitions in Pakistan and I’ve been trying for that for the past two years. Thank God, finally the
wrestling competitions are going to take place here,” he said.
Flesh Gordon on the occasion said he had found Pakistanis sports lovers and was happy that professional wrestling would take place in such a nice country.
“I’m feeling as I’m in my own country. We’ll tell the world that Pakistan is safe and secure for all sorts of sports activities,” he said.
The event is being organized by European company, Wrestling
Stars and Pakistan’s event management company, Masscomm Solutions.