ISLAMABAD, Jun 30 (APP): Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) selection committee member Tauseef Ahmed while reacting to pacer Umar Gul’s statement said that instead of giving statements Umar should focus on cricket and keep on performing.

Umar Gul had said that he has not been given a proper chance. He said he had met the selectors’ fitness requirements ahead of the 2015 World Cup but was puzzled by his non-selection. Gul said his case should be treated on the same level as of others. He said when people rate him as a discarded player it hurts a lot.

Pakistan’s chief selector Inzamam ul Haq, was reluctant to comment on Gul’s outburst, but Tauseef Ahmed, who is a member of the selection panel, responded, saying the reasons for Gul’s non-selection were “not unfair”.

“Umar shouldn’t be giving statement, rather focusing on his cricket and keep on performing,” Tauseef told ESPNcricinfo.

“Cricket season has just started and he shouldn’t be disheartened as there are a lot of series ahead and it’s not just about Umar but every player who didn’t make into the Test side,” he said.

He said you obviously cannot select everyone at once but we are completely aware about who is dropped and who is selected.

“Junaid Khan is the other bowler who was left out and he along with Umar was also in contention. But we have our reasons, which are not unfair, and the selected bunch was the best we could possibly pick according the the conditions and competition,” he said.

Tauseef said bowlers who are selected are good enough and have experience.

“We will make sure everyone gets a fair chance and we have a lot of cricket ahead and we will continue to monitor the performances of players.”

He said the problem is that we didn’t have much cricket in the recent past and most of our players are untested.

“Umar and Junaid might have missed out but they are still our asset and part of our country’s cricket. They should continue with their cricket and keep on performing in domestic cricket.”

“One must talk with his performance in the ground and that should be a talking point. Journalists should be making noise for player rather than player himself,” he said.