ISLAMABAD, Dec 14 (APP): Former World Champion Qamar Zaman believes the current national players need to know what a World Champion is and what type of efforts are required to achieve that glory.

Talking to APP, Qamar said our current players are brilliant but they lack the type of training we had gone through our times. “We used to practice in courts for more than 6 hours and that was the reason for our being best in the game,” he said adding the current players lack commitment to the game.

Qamar said nowadays our players train in the court for 2 hours and have poor physical fitness. “Therefore time and again I advise the players to work hard in courts and on their physical fitness,” he said.

He said he sees no player in the current lot who can match up to the capabilities of Squash Legends Jansher Khan and Jahangir Khan.

Qamar, said there is plentiful of talent in the country but due to lack of professionalism, commitment and poor physical fitness no player had reached that prime.

Speaking about the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF), he said PSF is doing its level best for the players but it is time to hunt for under-12, u14 and u15 players from all over the country and prepare them for future. “The talent comes forward from this age group,” he said adding that I am sure  we will get a World Champion from this age group but the only need is to polish these players.