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ISLAMABAD, July 8 (APP): Former pacer Shoaib Akthar believes people have a wrong perception about him that he is a playboy or a party guy, saying, “I am a very down to earth person”.

Shoaib, who is nicknamed as the ‘Rawalpindi Express’ said the people has misjudged about me a lot. “I am a simple guy and I am not a party guy or anything like that,” he said while talking to a private news channel.

Shoaib, who made his Test debut in November 1997 as an opening fast bowler, said he understood about relations after his retirement.

“I never missed my family on Eid or any such festivals as I came to know about relations after I got retired,” he said.

Shoaib, who took the retirement decision during the 2011 World Cup, said he cannot live anywhere else but Islamabad.

“I have never made anything in my whole life. I just have two t-shirts, a jeans and a pair of slippers in which I roam,” he said.

Shoaib is regarded as the fastest bowler ever in the history of cricket and has bowled the fastest delivery officially recorded at a speed of 161.3 km/h.

His fastest was against England in the 2003 Cricket World Cup, the ball was recorded at 161.3 km/h. He is the first bowler in the history of cricket to have been recorded to bowl over 100 mph.