PECB team clinches 2nd position in football tourney

BEIJING, Sep 26 (APP):Pakistan Embassy College Beijing (PECB) football team participated in the International Friendship City Youth Football Tournament held in Beijing and clinched the second position.The event was co-sponsored by the China Friendship and Peaceful Development Foundation. Dozens of domestic and foreign institutions jointly supported the football tournament to forge friendship between China and foreign countries and promote football game in China.This year, the International Friendship City Youth Football Tournament attracted wide attention at home and abroad, with 173 cities and 49 countries participating, and the strong support of 53 countries.Before the official start of event, the organizing committee of the tournament explained the training skills and physical training methods of the participating young players.All the players said they had a chance to familiar with international professional football culture, benefit a lot and strengthen their football dream.At the opening ceremony, the stadium was full of seats and the spectators gave warm applause to the players from China and other countries as they entered.The players of the Chinese and foreign teams exchanged gifts and flags aimed at symbolizing friendship. APP/asg\9329/26/2021 7:11:19 PM