PCB congratulates Pakistan men’s team on successful South Africa tour

By: Sohail Ali

LAHORE, Mar 04 (APP): Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to offer SARS-Coronavirus Vaccine doses to all participants of the HBL Pakistan Super League 6, becoming the first cricket board to use the vaccine that produces protection against the Covid-19 virus.

The decision has been made in the line with the PCB’s duty of care policy and to ensure all participants of the league remain safe and healthy during the event, which concludes on 22 March.

The vaccine doses will be administered on Thursday and will be offered to all those inside the bio-secure bubble. However, it will solely be the players and officials’ decision if they want to get the vaccine shots.

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PCB has been in discussions with the federal and provincial government officials, highlighting the national cricket teams’ international engagements and commitments as well as the significance, reputation, integrity and credibility of the HBL PSL6, which has become one of the most popular leagues in the world.

PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said : “The PCB takes health, safety and well being of its players and officials very seriously. In line with our duty of care policy, we have acquired a small allocation of SARS-Coronavirus Vaccine, which will be offered to all those inside the bio-secure environment created for the HBL Pakistan Super League 6.

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“The players and officials will be under no obligation to have the vaccine. The vaccinations will be administered on Thursday morning by qualified health workers, strictly in line with government protocols.

“While we live in these challenging times, the vaccine has been sourced to provide an added level of protection and comfort for players and all personnel inside the bubble. We will continue to operate responsibly in our duty to those involved in the tournament.”