PCB statement on registration of Cricket Associations
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LAHORE, Dec 26 (APP):In view of some confusion regarding the
holding of elections in Faisalabad Region, Pakistan Cricket Board
has clarified the situation according to its rules and procedures.
Under the PCB’s Election Scrutiny Regulations 2015, scrutiny
of clubs is to be carried out every 6 years. It is due in Faisalabad
Region since September 2017, said a spokesman of the PCB here on
“It is therefore to be noted that elections at the district level
are not possible in Faisalabad District without scrutiny of clubs
as 6 years have already passed”, he said.
This Club Scrutiny will determine the Electoral College of
Faisalabad District, and that Electoral College will elect the
District Cricket Association, he added.
“Furthermore, PCB Election Commission would like to clarify
that Election Scrutiny Process has been initiated, and in that
regard the clubs and stakeholders have submitted their forms etc.
to indicate their willingness to participate in the scrutiny
procedure and later for the elections”, he asserted.
He said at the present, 57 clubs have voting rights, whereas
113 clubs are appearing before the PCB’s Scrutiny Committee to be
eligible for voting rights. Therefore, a change in the Electoral
College is probable. Accordingly, for a true representative body,
a fresh voter list on the basis of scrutiny is essential to hold
“Keeping in view the model of District Cricket Association and
rules of scrutiny procedure, the election of District Cricket will
be held shortly after the preparation of fresh voter list on the
basis of fresh scrutiny”, he said. PCB is committed to holding free
and fair elections after a thorough scrutiny of all clubs without
fear or favour.