KARACHI, Jul 15 (APP): The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has bought four bullet proof buses as part of its effort to provide the”best possible arrangements” in terms of security for players visiting the country.

According to www.ESPNcricinfo.com, the board hopes the additional measure will help in convincing overseas players and teams to tour Pakistan.

“We have bought these four Coaster buses as part of our effortsto revive international cricket in the country,” ESPNcricinfo quoted a PCB Spokesman as sayings.

“There will be high expectations from teams willing to visit Pakistan and we want to ensure that we provide them with the best possible arrangements.

Having these bullet proof vehicles would play a major part in convincing teams (about securityarrangements).”

The buses were initially sanctioned at a PCB governing board meeting in 2012, but with the change of leadership the purchase was delayed.

The matter was taken up again by PCB executive committee head by Najam Sethi last year.

“We are actually planning to host the PSL final in Lahore, but this requires us to convince overseas players to come,” the PCB spokesman said.

“We have to have discussions with the players about their safety and security and I think this new addition in our security facilities will definitely give us an edge. Our ultimate goal is to revive international cricket, and we are doing our best to make sure we can.”