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ISLAMABAD, Jan 20 (APP):Former Pakistan cricket team captain Ramiz Raja Sunday said the more work can be done to improve the standard of cricket pitches in South Africa.
Ramiz, now a TV commentator, expressed this in an interview to private news channel, after Pakistan’s recent 3-0 Test series defeat to the Proteas in their backyard, Radio Pakistan reported.
“I think the pitches used during the [South Africa-Pakistan] Test series were difficult for sure, and especially for the openers. If you have quality fast bowlers then it becomes doubly difficult,” former opening Test batsman Ramiz said
when asked to comment on the pitches’ matter.
“At times, it was literally a matter of survival because the ball would jump on a good length. I believe more work can be done to improve the standard of local pitches and because South Africa have such a good bowling attack, I feel they don’t need so much grass on the pitch and variation of bounce.
“It becomes an issue once it starts to go up and down and then it is difficult. It’s fine if the pitch starts to do something on day four or five, but if the pitches start to do something devilish on the last session of day one or on day two then it becomes a question mark,” Ramiz added.
Ramiz believes that improved pitches would also be advantageous for the South African batsmen.