MCI formulates strategy for promotion of sports in capital: Mayor

ISLAMABAD, Nov 20 (APP): Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Anser
Aziz, Sunday said that Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI)
has formulated comprehensive strategy for promotion of sports including traditional, regional and new emerging sports in the federal capital.
The Mayor who is also Chairman, Capital Development Authority
(CDA) said this while addressing the players and spectators of the
league match of Fourth Service Rugby League played between Islamabad Jinns and Lahore Rugby Federation Club.
He said in this connection not only existing sports grounds would
be up graded but also more grounds would be constructed particularly in thickly populated sectors, so that provision of recreational and sports facilities could be provided to all residents of the city.
Sheikh Anser Aziz said that provision of the state of the art sports facilities to the residents of Islamabad was among the top priorities of MCI.
He said, soon after the formulation of the MCI and taking charge of the affairs of the Sports and Culture Directorate, illegal occupations of private individuals of different sports grounds got vacated.
He said that now standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being
finalized for the operation and maintenance of the sports grounds. According to the new SOPs, he said, Chairman of the respective union council along with officers of the Sports and Culture Directorate will be responsible for management and maintenance of these grounds.
The Mayor said that presence of the youth, in such a large number, in the grounds indicates that how much youth of Islamabad love sports.
He appreciated the efforts of Pakistan Rugby Union and Islamabad Rugby Association for promoting Rugby in the country, particularly in the federal capital.
Rugby helps youth in preparing them to meet the tough challenges
of the future, he added.
Anser Aziz said that more grounds including Rugby grounds would
be constructed to provide modern sports facilities to the residents.