Make India a better sport loving country: Javed Miandad

ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP): Legendary batsman Javed Miandad on
Tuesday lashed-out at the Board of Control for Cricket in
India (BCCI) saying instead of making India a better sport
loving country the BCCI wants Pakistani government to talk to
its Indian counterpart for resumption of Pak-India cricket series which is totally insensible when everything is wrong at their part.
It is pertinent to mention that BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur
in a recent statement had said that Pakistani government should talk
to its Indian counterpart to make way for the resumption
of Pak-India cricket series saying it will be a great help for
building a conducive atmosphere.
Talking to APP, Miandad said it clearly shows how much
the Indian government has influence on the BCCI. “BCCI is not
a cricket board, it is a government’s board,” he said adding
this attitude of India towards other cricketing nations is a start
of their downfall.
“The day is near when India would itself ask Pakistan for
a series,” he said.
Miandad said when Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman
Shahryar Khan went to India on BCCI’s invitation for a meeting
that was cancelled due to the Shiv Sena workers attack on
BCCI, what protocol or help did the BCCI or the Indian government
provide to PCB.
Miandad questioned after this incident did the Indian
government do anything to resume cricket talks between the two boards.
Miandad said BCCI’s attitude and ego has changed after
getting the status in the Big 3. “Before Big 3 the ICC used to
conduct a 10-year future tour programmes for all countries but now
we don’t see that as it is the Big 3 who decides what to do,”
he said.
He pointed the Ashes series between England and Australia
is played on regular basis than why not an Indo-Pak series. “It
is India which does not want it because they are afraid to lose and
to play against Pakistan,” he said.
He said at all cost Pakistan should boycott the Twenty-20
World Cup in India next year. “If respect really matters to PCB
then they should not go for the World Cup as it is also a
matter of country’s prestige which India has damaged at all times,”
he said.

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