PESHAWAR, June 12 (APP): Brisk arrangements are underway to hold
the prestigious 2nd World Nomad Games, dedicated to ethnic sports,
practiced in Central Asia, this autumn from September 3 to 8 in the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan.

Countries comprising Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Russia especially Sakha, de Bouriatia, Altay, Kalmykia, Bashkortostan republics, Afghanistan and host Kyrgyzstan are taking part.

The event comprising Alysh, a kind of belt wrestling, Salburun, a
sport mixing falconry, mounted archery and hunt assisted by Taigan,
Shagai, Horse racings, Erenish, Toguz korgool, Kourach, Kok-boru, a
sport similar to Buzkashi, where riders fight for a goat carcass.

President AIPS Asia Muhammad Qasem along with other members
of the delegation has recently extended all out support to the
Govt of Kyrgyzstan during a meeting held in Ashgabat, the Capital
City of Turkmenistan with Miss Baktygul Noruzbayev, the Director
of the Department of Information and Mass Communications in the
Ministry of Culture, information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz

Muhammad Qasem, hailing from Bahrain, assured the official
of the organizing committee for extending cooperation in print and electronic media coverage. He said presently AIPS Asia has 8000
qualified journalists around Asia.

When asked Secretary General AIPS Asia Amjad Aziz Malik
from Pakistan, he rest assured that AIPS Asia, a sole
representative body of promoting sports and peace in Asia,
would extend all out support to the organizing committee.

He said talks are under way with the organizing committee and
AIPS Asia as a result of meeting of President AIPS Asia in
Ashgabat, for the provision of updated media facilities.

Miss Baktygul Noruzbayev informed APP on phone that over
400 athletes from 19 countries will be there in a resort on
the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul to compete in wrestling, archery,
Kok Boru (a game where mounted riders face off over a dead
goat), Ordo (a Kyrgyz board game) and Kyz Kumai .

All people will be dressed in traditional clothing. It
is a great event worth seeing, she said. Miss Baktygul Noruzbayev
disclosed that preparations are well underway and currently
Issyk-Kul gets ready for the games; the roads and hippodrome
are being reconstructed.

“The Kyrgyz people, with their rich history, culture, and
traditions, were among the early nations that founded nomadic
civilization. The Nomad Games are also part of Atambayev
administration’s objective of strengthening collaboration
among Turkic-speaking nations. The idea of the Games first
appeared during the 2011 visit of Turkish Prime Minister
Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Kyrgyzstan.

The Games will provide fertile ground not only for
sports, but also an active intercultural and interethnic
dialogue between the peoples of the world, she said. She
said the govt originally provided $ 3 million 397.15 thousand
from the national budget.

“We want to invite about 40 countries including Pakistan,
Australia and USA and culturally and sports rich countries
of the world,” she added.

With generous government support, Kyrgyzstan is going
to host the second World Nomadic Games, an event “dedicated to
promote the history of nomad nations, their traditions, lifestyles
and culture,” according to the organizers when asked to comment.