LAHORE, Sept 25 (APP)- Showing consistency and superior skills young Isfandyar Khan won the title of 33rd Governor’s Cup Golf Tournament in a close finish here on Sunday at Lahore Gymkhana course.

The final third round produced razor sharp closing moments and the end of 54 holes the ultimate winner,Isfandyar Khan, a 17 year student of A level, played brilliantly to achieve a winning aggregate score of 209 net (67+71+71) while his rival and challenger, Rehman Saleem ended the championship just two strokes behind at a net aggregate score 211.

The difference may be marginal but the one with the better score and performance fetched glory and high accomplishment status while the runner up ended the occasion in second slot plus the associated dismay of not ending as a winner.

Punjab Governor, Muhammad Rafiq Rajwana was the chief guest on the closing ceremony of the Millat Tractors sponsored annual golfing event.

During the final round, at least three other strong contenders were hoping to outsmart Isfandyar and emerge as winners but in the end it was Isfandyar who succeeded in holding the halt of others to the title by focused application of golfing skills and keeping his wits in control.

Throughout the final 18 holes, this youngster of immense ability demonstrated determination and managed to avoid any hicups and unwanted errors and this dedication brought him the title and puts him on a high platform in the arena of countrys golf.

The gross section winner was Ahmed Baig with an aggregate gross score of 220. Runner up was Ahmed Zafar Hayat with 229 score. Third gross went to Sardar Murad Khan and his aggregate gross was 230.

Ladies net winner was Zahida Durrani and the winner gross was Suneyah Osama. Zahida played well and so did Suneyah and they represent the future of ladies in golf in the country.

Detailed Results: Juniors;Muhammad Irsalan (2nd gross); Damil Ataullah

(1st gross);Ladies;Ana James Gill(3rd gross); Zeb un Nisa

(2nd gross);Suneyah Osama(1st gross);Shahnaz Moeen(3rd net);Shahazadi Gulfam(2nd net);Zahida Durrani(1st net);Veterans;Kh Pervaiz Saeed(3rd gross);Iqbal Saigol (2nd gross);Maj U.D.Najmi(1st gross);A/Cmdr Z.I.Ahmed (3rd net);Gp Capt®Asim Durrani(2nd net);Bashir Gill(1st net);Seniors; Javed A.Khan(3rd gross);Tariq Mehmood(2nd gross);Lt Col Asif Mehdi(1st gross);W/Cmdr Omer Khan(3rd net);Lt Col M.Shafi(2nd net);Col Waqar Ahmed (1st net); Amateurs; Sardar Murad Khan(3rd gross);Ahmed Zafar Hayat(2nd gross); Ahmed Baig (1st gross);Taimur Shabbir(3rd net);Rehman Saleem(2nd net);Isfandyar Khan(1st net
and Winner).

At the conclusion of the Championship the prizes were awarded to  the winners by the Punjab Governor in a ceremony attended by Syed  Irfan Aqeel,CEO,Millat Tractors,Ahsan Imran of Millat, Mian Misbahurrehman,Agha Ali Imam,golfers and families.In his sponsor speech Irfan Aqeel laid stress on developing a truly national narrative.

The Governor also said that Pakistan is a great State that knows how to meet threats and challenges.