HU Chuck ball team to depart on July 27 for Malaysia for World Universities’ championship

MANSEHRA, June 12 (APP): The Hazara University’s (HU) Chuck ball team will depart on July 27 for Malaysia to participate in World Universities’ Chuck Ball championship.
According HU Chuck ball team coach Tamraiz Khan the championship would start from July 27 where a 12-member Pakistani team under the supervision of director sports HU Muhammad Iqball would participate in the event, adding teams from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, England, Mexico, Colombia and Philippines would be the other contestant.
A ten-day training camp for the Chuck ball team would start from July 15 to 25 under the supervision of international coach Asad Khan and team coach Tamraiz Khan at HU.
Beside this training camp team members are also preparing for the
tournament and working hard both in field and gymnasium to bring good results.
Team coach Tamraiz Khan on the occasion said that HU team won the
national championship and emerged number one in Pakistan within very short time. He hoped that HU team would also perform in the same way in future.