ISLAMABAD, Dec 21 (APP):The government has provided a sum of over Rs425 million to Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) during the last five years for promotion of hockey as the national game of the country.

“PHF is the premier entity for selection, training and coaching of hockey players and as well as to represent Pakistan internationally,” an official in the Ministry Inter Provincial Coordination told APP.
He said the federal government was committed to promoting the national game and providing annual as well as special grants in financial allocations as per budgetary resources.
The official said that additionally, PHF generates its own funds from sponsorship and grants in aid from other sources as well.
To a question, he said the government provides regular annual grants, special and supplementary financial grants to the National Sports Federations to promote football in the country at the grassroots level, which take care of promotion and development of the games.
He said the government was also committed to the well-being of the national sports heroes as they are pride for the county.
To cater for welfare and well-being of sports persons, he said a scheme titled “Pakistan Culture, Arts and Sports Foundation” was launched in 1991 under the provisions of Charitable Endowment Act, 1890, to provide financial assistance to artists, artisans and sports persons and their dependents in case of death, permanent disability, serious illness as well as scholarships for educational purposes.
The scheme was established with an endowment fund of Rs30,000 million provided by the federal government. Likewise, the government initiated the Pakistan Sports Foundation Relief Fund in August, 2007, with a view to provide financial assistance to sports persons, exclusively, he said.

About the criteria and eligibility, the official said it is mentioned in rule 2 (b) of Pakistan Sports Foundation Relief Fund (PSFRF) Rules 2007.

The official said as a welfare step of former sports veterans, Pakistan Sports Board has been paying stipend to the sportspersons and beneficiaries regularly Rs 5,000 per month.

Additionally, he said the sports heroes are also bestowed with President’s Pride of Performance Award with handsome cash award every year that can also be reckoned as a well-being oriented step.