Cycling event held in Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD, Nov 01 (APP): Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), National Incubation Center, Islamabad Cycling Association and other partners here on Sunday organized a cycling event .

The event ‘Cycling Sunday Islamabad’ brought people together from all segments of life to enjoy a day of cycle riding, racing and more.

The event took place from Jinnah Avenue to D-chowk. The cyclists took to this picturesque area and its panoramic greenery as arrangements were made on the section of the road to be dedicated entirely for the event.

Cycling has long been considered a great way to enhance health and fitness.
Other than being a sport, cycling as a leisure activity keeps the environment pollution-free and our bodies healthy.

In order to promote myriad benefits of leisurely cycling, the idea of the event was to promote safe mobility options for women and children.

This activity is part of a larger plan to advocate for more opportunities for leisure activities in the city and to demonstrate that cycling is not just a sport but also as a mobility option as well.

Cycling as a mobility option which aligns with the prime minister’s clean and green Pakistan initiative.

The event helped advocating for dedicated cycling lanes, cycling parking spaces and better cycling infrastructure which would encourage people to incorporate cycling in their daily lives.

Naveed Iftikhar who works as a policy advisor said, “The feeling of cycling in the city center is something which I aspired to regenerate through this event. Such events signify people’s will to cycle in cities.”

Haroon, Secretary of Islamabad Cycling Association said, “I really enjoyed cycling in the city center. We usually go off-road for cycling events but I hope that such activities also take place within cities across Pakistan.”

Sundas Shahid, a professional cyclist said, “Women have very limited mobility option within the city. This event shows that if dedicated lanes are made for cycles it will promote women’s mobility and empowerment.”

Hamza Shafqaat, DC Islamabad said the event would deliver a clear message that the roads of the federal capital were safe for bicycles.

“We are committed to advocate for dedicated cycling tracks on the roads in Islamabad,” he added.

Dr. Fahmida Mirza, Minister of Inter Provincial Coordination said cycling was essential for mitigating climate change , adding cycling was promoted by CDA as an urban mobility option.”

The residents from all walks of life participated the event.