By Sohail  Ali

LAHORE, Feb 10 (APP): The Third WAPDA Amateur Golf Championship will swing into action from tomorrow , with galaxy of leading golfers from across the country showcasing their talent and technique here at the appealing and engaging par 72 Lahore Gymkhana Club Golf Course.

This was stated by Col (r) Asif Mehdi ,Advisor Sports WAPDA at a press at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club on Wednesday . Also in attendance were Muzzamal Khan ,Director General Sports ,WAPDA ,Shafqat Rana of WAPDA Sports Board,Sarmad Nadeem ,Convenor Golf ,Shahid Javed ,Tournament Director and Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed ,Director Media.

Col Asif also stated that designated events include a competition for the veteran golfers who fall in the age category 70 and above ,another competition for the senior amateurs in the age range above 55 years but less than 70 years and also participating will be ladies in an exclusive segment for lady golfers.

Sarmad Nadeem ,Convenor Golf of Lahore Gymkhana highlighted that the predominant golfers of this reputable and esteemed Chairman WAPDA Golf Championship will be the amateur golfers who are nationally recognized players ,much adept in golf playing abilities and while many of them are proficient and skillful with many victories to their credit ,there are others who seek recognition through application of their newly acquired golfing flair and adroitness.

Col (r) Asif Mehdi spelled out that the event was introduced into the national golf calendar two years back and as a result of the backing by WAPDA ,it stands identified as a championship of national standing that attracts competent ,dexterous and masterly golf playing amateurs from all over the country.

This means that winning the title will require unwavering consistency in golfing skills application plus the ability to go through the toil and tough grind. For those seeking this honor ,the element of reliable shot making and harmonious putting will have to be cardinal features of their effort.

In such prestigious competitions there are many contenders who may be extremely talented and play admirably well but they miss out ultimate success by the barest of margins.These upcoming ones owe gratitude to WAPDA for providing them an opportunity to gain beneficial experience which holds them in good stead over the years.

He further said that WAPDA is a major contributor to the promotion of sports in the country and has 67 men and womens teams and currently hold national titles in 35 sporting events .
Muzzamal Khan ,Director General Sports ,WAPDA shared that WAPDA currently employs 2200 sportsmen.

Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed said that amateurs will be contesting over 54 holes from 12th to 14th February while senior amateurs and ladies will compete over 36 holes on 11th and 12th February.Veterans compete over 9 holes on 11th February.

Sarmad Nadeem said that prominent amateurs competing in this championship are Qasim Ali Khan (Defending Champion),Umer Khokher ,top ranked golf playing amateur of Pakistan,Salman Jehangir ,Taimur Shabbir ,Ahmed Sultan Kayani,Damil Ataullah and Hussain Hamid ,all formidable players of merit.

Prominent lady golfers taking part are Parkha Ijaz ,Rimsha Ijaz,Suneya Osama,Ghazala Yasmin,Zahida Durrani and Syeda Iman Ali Shah. .During the course of the 3rd Chairman WAPDA Golf Championship ,it will be captivating to track the flow of the competitive activity and watch how the champions match wits with each other and play their shots with the touch of orderliness and cohesion .

Khawaja Pervaiz said that the playing arena is the par 72, excellent Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course layout, and for four rounds it will be “ the player versus the golf course”. Fairways are in superb condition and will facilitate crisp shot making; the roll on the greens is amply smooth to enable top contenders to go for the six footers.

This Golf Course has refreshing appearance and participating golfers will be delighted with the playing conditions.