LAHORE, Dec 19 (APP): In the Sheikh Atta Memorial Bridge Tournament organized by the Pakistan Bridge Federation and sponsored by Kohat Cement, top of the line bridge players from Punjab participated over a two days competition that concluded here on Monday at the Lahore Gymkhna Bridge Tables.
The format was Swiss Team and was based on Swiss movement for six rounds and Danish Movement for last two rounds. The competing teams included some well known bridge contesting groups like Aces, IZZO, AJT, Saga, RH 4, Holdem, Yummy, Papa Jani, Potowar, Brighter and Pirzada.
The Aces team comprising Ahsan Qureshi, Ghias Malik, Arshad Aijaz, Usaid, Taqi Imam and Shauq Hussain dominated the run of play and except round three and round four when the playing tide went against them, they were at their playing best. Through an eight round score of 109.98 points they succeeded in emerging as the champions of Sheikh Atta Memorial Bridge Event.
The runners up team was IZZO Team comprising some seasoned and established bridge players like Izzat Khalil, Jehangir Ahmed, Junaid Saeed, Farrukh Liaqat and Farooq Alvi. They fought well and finished with a score of 108.76. AJT team was third with a score of 99.89 and Saga ended up fourth at a score of 80.45.
At the conclusion of the Event the prizes were awarded to the performers by Ibrahim Tanseer of Kohat Cement.